Once upon a time there was a plucky young lady who set off into world armed only with her can do attitude, persistence and love for chocolate.  As a modern maiden she worked hard juggling school, work and family.  While she found it rewarding and felt a great sense of pride and accomplishment, multitasking her life took a toll on her.  The constant neglect of herself caused her health and weight to spiral out of control. She spent many years struggling with her weight and recurring ailments.  While trying everything imaginable to get back on track.  Every gadget, system, plan, workout and trend, you name it, she tried it, but never really sticking with any of them.  As time went on she sank into a deep sadness and began to withdraw from family, friends and all of life’s wonderful experiences.  I guess you could say she was hiding from everyone, but was never truly able to escape herself.  Eventually she said enough is enough.  And so begins the journey to take back her body and her life.

It goes without saying that I am that girl.  While this is my playful attempt of sharing my experience with you, I have to be completely honest when I say that it’s been hard.  I can live with giving up on all the gadgets, gizmos, systems and plans that barely saw the light of day, but it’s really hard to accept that I gave up on myself.  While I know I have a long arduous journey ahead of me, I hope that I will inspire others to keep me company along the way.  Follow me on my fitness misadventures where I will through the process of trial and error try to lose 50 lbs and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I will share my meal plan, recipes, workouts and most important my results.  Together let’s build a healthier ever after.



When it comes to my diet I am trying not to over-complicate things.  I want clean and simple to prepare meals.  Eating clean means eating whole and minimally processed foods.  The goal is to keep the food as close to its natural form as possible.  A way to achieve this is by trying to limit the amount of packaged foods you eat and replace it with whole foods.  When you do consume packaged foods make sure to read the labels.  The ingredients list should be short, and all ingredients should be recognizable. Try to avoid additives like artificial coloring and flavors.  You also want to avoid pesticides, added hormones and chemicals.  Even though the food maybe clean, calories do matter, so watch your calorie intake.


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