Hello my Bellas and Fellas!  I know it’s been a while but to make up for it–I have a lot to share!  It’s a little off topic but indulge me.  I took a bit of a hiatus to focus on the direction of Shrederella and how to best share my journey.  Juggling life and being a full-time blogger has been a struggle.  It is my goal to deliver consistent and helpful content, though I’ve been falling short on the consistent part.  I needed to find a way to get organized and plan out my content strategy.  So, I did a bit of soul-searching and web surfing and stumbled upon this gem.  What I’m talking about is a tool called CoSchedule.  I’ve decided that a WordPress blogger with a toddler & a full-time job must have created CoSchedule…because it is the PERFECT tool for people who are busy, have limited time, or possibly working in a distracting environment. Honestly, regardless of how many hours you have to dedicate to your blog, WordPress content planning with CoShedule is a great tool.

CoSchedule is an all-in-one editorial calendar that allows you to create or schedule WordPress posts and social media messages while managing tasks, all from within the WordPress or CoSchedule dashboard.  It even touts a robust set of collaboration features that allows you to keep track of your goals, assigned tasks, calendar milestones, and correspondences with your team.  If you’re a visual person like me, then you’ll love its simple drag & drop calendar interface that enables you to visualize your articles and social media posts for better WordPress content planning.





Delivering consistent and thoughtful content takes planning.  I can now toss out all my notebooks & spreadsheets and just access my content on the calendar directly in the CoSchedule web app or from my WordPress dashboard.  It gives me a lot of flexibility in its adaptability to different workflows.  This standalone web app (that syncs with WordPress) can be used right in its post editor.  It even syncs to your Google Calendar allowing for easy monitoring of the editorial calendar outside of WordPress.  If you are a power user who’s producing content for several sites, then CoSchedule’s web app is also capable of managing multiple blogs.



Google doc integration

There are many things I love about CoSchedule, but mainly the integration with Google Docs.  I prefer to write and edit all my articles in Google Docs.  In the past, I would have to copy the article from Docs and then go into WordPress to paste it in the post.  Keeping track of drafts in between the two platforms became extremely confusing at times.  CoSchedule enables me to convert my articles from Docs into WordPress posts all without ever having to leave the WordPress dashboard.  It keeps me organized with a more streamlined workflow.  Setup and integration is easy.  However, you can’t automatically connect a drive folder that holds all of your drafts.  You have to link each doc one by one.  But once linked you can convert your doc and schedule it to post or simply label it as a draft to schedule at a later date.  I love being able to see all my drafts in one place.  It really helps me visualize the content I plan to share over time.




Step 1 Create a piece of content on your calendar by selecting the pencil icon (it doesn’t matter what day you choose on the calendar as you will move it into the drafts bin once you’re done).

Step 2 Click Content to create a new piece of standalone content on your calendar. Attach Google Docs to that content in the editor window.

Step 3 Choose a title for your new piece of content (don’t worry you can always change it later) and continue.

Step 4 Click the Google Doc icon in the Content entry box.

Step 5 Click the Select Google Doc button to choose the Google Doc you want to add to your calendar.

Step 6 Click Accept to confirm authorization of CoSchedule with your Google Drive account.

Step 7 Finally choose the Google doc you would like to add to your CoSchedule calendar.  And that’s it!  Your Google Doc is now connected.

WordPress content planning

Now you can change the status of the doc as “pending review”‘, “draft” or schedule it out by choosing a date.  Once finished just click the check icon in the upper right corner.  Or just drag it from the calendar into the Content bin and it will remain there as a draft until you are ready to schedule it.

WordPress content planning




Social media scheduling is by far CoSchedule’s most powerful time-saving feature.   I can schedule my social media shares, and reshares right inside the post editor in WordPress. Therefore, once I write an article I can then share a custom message to my selected social channels at any particular day, time or times of my choosing.  I can even schedule it to reshare again a day from now, a week from now, a month from now, or however many other dates I would like.  It really helps people discover it who might not have come across it otherwise.  Being able to manage your content and social messages in one place is a real time saver and helps to drive traffic to your site.



Since I’ve started using CoSchedule I’ve noticed more continuity in the creation and planning of my content. I also have more time due to the social media integration and no longer have to login to facebook, twitter, and Pinterest one-by-one to post my messages.  I can also schedule my social media re-shares to increase discoverability and traffic.  Each message is customized to the individual social channel right from the post editor.  Best of all the Google Docs integration allows me to work seamlessly with WordPress.  CoSchedule is the perfect tool for WordPress bloggers to stay on task and streamline their blogs through content planning. I will say it is well worth the money and I highly recommend it.